Why Blog?

So for me this blog really isn't so much about blogging as much as it's about giving my self an outlet for my "creative juices." I studied Interior Design and Art at Mississippi State University and since my graduation in 2008, I've spent very little time in that actual field. I did the retail job thing for a while and am now an Oral Surgery Assistant. (Seriously, don't ask. I really have absolutely NO idea how I landed in this field, but luckily and strangely enough I really enjoy it.)

Needless to say, my day job does not lend itself to very much creativity and for someone who always dreamed of working in a very art-focused field, it leaves me feeling a little less than satisfied. Now, with first-time home-ownership just around the corner, it's the perfect time to flex my design muscles. This blog is going to be my "design diary" as the hubby and I go from room to room updating our 1950's ranch. I'll have my design inspirations, our amazing accomplishments as well as our embarrassing failures as we learn to create our new home. 

I hope you'll be entertained as you follow along. It's going to be an interesting journey.

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