Monday, September 17, 2012

Fisher is 4 Months!

Fisher turned 4 months yesterday and had his 4 month check-up (and shots) appointment today. He now weighs 15.58 pounds and is 25.5 inches long. He is just above the 50th percentile in weight and height and is looking healthy as can be. Such a blessing!

The doc said we can start him on rice cereal whenever we'd like to just to help get him used to eating with a spoon. Once he handles that well we can then move on to baby foods. Just thinking about him moving on to solids makes me feel like is growing up so fast! I'm not sure I can handle it.

So here's what's been going on the past month:
  • He has really grown this month and is starting to look different. I think he starting to look a little like me too now which I love.
  • He has MASTERED the roll on to the belly and is now OBSESSED with being and sleeping on his tummy. We tried getting him to sleep on his back or side and he just rolls right back onto tummy so his crib bumpers have now been removed.
  • He is super observant these days. He watched everyone at the Family Reunion and now notices the pups too. 
  • He likes to stand up, "fly" and bounce on our knees. He likes to be moving around.
  • He is getting better at sitting up. He can't sit up on his own yet, but he can now sit in the Bumbo seat for a bit before slumping over.
  • He has started drooling more and more. Last month is was cute. This month it's more messy than cute.
  • He still loves his hands. He basically shoves his entire hand in there and sometimes even tries to fit both hands.
  • He is starting to reach out towards his toys. He especially likes holding onto his red ball.
  • He has found his feet! I've always thought it was so cute when a baby holds on to their feet so I was excited once he started pulling on them.
  • He seemed to be losing his hair, but now it just looks like it's getting lighter in color. We'll see...blonde or brunette? I'm hoping it stays dark so he looks little more like me.
  • He is now (fairly consistently) sleeping through the night!  He typically wakes up around 5 am, talks to himself and fusses a bit, but he has learned to put himself back to sleep. Then we are up for a feeding and to start the day around 7:30am. (He goes to bed between 7:30 - 8pm. I wake him up to nurse around 10:30pm and then is up around 7:30am. Not too bad!)
  • Fisher attended his first Kee/Love Family Reunion this month at the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was the 25th annual reunion and it was great having our little boy there.
  • He also visited his first brewery! Don't worry...we didn't let him try any beer.
  • This month was our first time celebrating our birthdays (mine on the 25th and Brent's on the 30th of August) with Fisher in our lives. Let me tell you, a birthday is so much sweeter with a child in your life. 
  • Fisher now regularly attends the Kid's World nursery at church and does great. Everyone seems to love him!
  • We still try to attend "Mother Goose Time" at the library once a week. 
  • I just started a mother's group at church on Tuesday mornings so he is in childcare then too. I think it's great getting him used to staying with other people and it gives me some "adult-time" during the day. 
Here are some pictures of Fisher's adventures over this past month:

His favorite position: laying on his belly.
Celebrating Daddy's 28th birthday!

So happy with Aunt Heather!
Trying out the  baby walker for the first time. 
Hanging out at the Yazoo Brewery. 
Enjoying a visit from Momma C & Pops. 
The very first nap with no bumpers. Silly boy.
Loving on Aunt Liz at the Family Reunion.
Giggling with Nana at the Family Reunion.
Rocking his 25th Annual Family Reunion t-shirt. (This is the day he did his first belly-to-back roll.) 
Posing with Gran & Pap on the Family Reunion. 
Hanging out with Maeby.
His favorite things: chewing on his hand & grabbing his feet. 
Playtime with daddy.
Enjoying bath time. (He is so adorable when he's naked, but I'm not showing the "goods" on a blog. Sorry, guys.) 

Seriously, this kid is too cute. (In my very humble, non-biased opinion, that is.) Go check out a few more absolutely adorable pictures on my hubby's photography blog... 

Until next time...

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Still Don't Know How to Sew

Brent was out of town this weekend so my parents came in town to keep Fisher and I company. Since we didn't have any big plans, Momma C and I decided to tackle a couple house projects. The original idea was for my mom to use this opportunity to teach me to sew. I've had a sewing machine in its unopened box for about four years now and after this still hasn't been used. I think we both figured things would get accomplished a bit faster if mom just took care of the sewing. 

Project One was a curtain for our kitchen window. We've talked about doing this for awhile now in an effort to hide some random ugly tile featured above our window. It isn't really noticeable, but it has still always bothered me so off to Hobby Lobby we went. We snagged a fun fabric, some ribbon and a curtain rod and went to work.

Looks great, right? So fun and the best part is it also looks good from the outside. (See below.) It adds some cheer to our kitchen and works really well with our brightly colored chairs. Pretty great.

Our other project was to recover our dog pillows in a fabric that didn't hold dog hair quite as much. The fabric we had on them was UGLY. It was an old plaid fabric that basically attached itself to every dog hair possible. Even washing them didn't get the hair off. Needless to say, it was time for an update. 

We found this great graphic pattern in three colors and since it seemed to be an dog-friendly fabric, we went with them all. Mak and Maeby are very happy with their updated pillows and I love that the style now fits our home decor.  

Thanks, Momma C, for helping me out! (Even if you didn't teach to me to sew.)

Until next time....