Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fisher is 11 Months!

OK. Now it's serious. We are ONE month (actually even less since this post is a week late) away from my baby boy being a one year old. I can't believe it! I'm planning his birthday party and it seems like it must be months away still. (Yeah, I'm sure I'll mail the invitations late.)

Here's what's been going on:
  • He eats like a champ. I'm pretty sure he will eat us out of house and home. His favorite meat seems to be turkey spaghetti, but he's also had chicken and ground beef. 
  • No walking yet, but he will balance himself for about 8 seconds max. He does love walking with his push walker.
  • He has 6 teeth: 3 on top, 3 on bottom. Numbers 7 and 8 are on their way. 
  • He is incredibly energetic now and loves being outside. We take lots of stroller rides, play outside in his walker and go to the park. 
  • He seems to love the swings and slides at the park. Now that the weather is so nice we've been trying to make the trip more often. 
  • He had his first kiddie pool time this month. It was just warm enough to let him splash around a bit and he loved climbing in and out of the pool. 
  • He goes to "Y Play" at the YMCA while I workout and always does well. He even makes friends which is the cutest thing ever. One day they told me he cried a bit after two of his new friends got picked up by their parents. Love my social boy!
  • He points at EVERYTHING. And usually says something that sounds like "Dat." It's cute (most of the time.)
  • He had mastered his "bye-bye". He waves and will say "buh, buh". So, so sweet. 
  • We visited the Nashville Zoo as a family and he loved watching the flamingos. We could have stayed there forever and he would have been happy. 
  • He loves balloons, likes opening and closing doors, chasing the dogs and even likes watching his Daddy mow the lawn. It's been really fun watching him explore more and more. 
  • He talks a TON! This kid is going to be a chatty boy for sure. 

This phase has been so much fun. I'm loving every moment! Here are some photos from the past month:

Such a big boy! Just a little over 3 weeks to go til he is a year old!

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter: The Day Fisher Became a Hipster

The Easter celebration began on Saturday with the Kee family at Laura and Jim's house in Mount Juliet. Fisher got his first fedora in his Easter gift bag from Gran and Pap (Grandpa Doug-Doug) and rocked it the rest of the party. I'd say he looked pretty darn cute. 

We continued the Easter celebration on Sunday morning when Fisher got his first official Easter basket. We then headed off to church to serve at the 7am service and attended the 9am. Fisher was perfect all day long. We had to wake him up early to get to church, but he was in a wonderful mood and was great for the nursery girls. We then came home and all enjoyed a long afternoon nap. The evening wrapped up with dinner at Nana and Papa's. It was a perfect Easter. 

I'm quickly learning that every holiday or celebration is better with this boy in my life. Easter was more fun with him here and much more meaningful. The sacrifice God made for us is so much more overwhelming once you have a child. I couldn't imagine giving Fisher up especially to a world of unloving, unbelieving sinners. 

I'm truly blessed. 

Until next time...