Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fisher is 11 Months!

OK. Now it's serious. We are ONE month (actually even less since this post is a week late) away from my baby boy being a one year old. I can't believe it! I'm planning his birthday party and it seems like it must be months away still. (Yeah, I'm sure I'll mail the invitations late.)

Here's what's been going on:
  • He eats like a champ. I'm pretty sure he will eat us out of house and home. His favorite meat seems to be turkey spaghetti, but he's also had chicken and ground beef. 
  • No walking yet, but he will balance himself for about 8 seconds max. He does love walking with his push walker.
  • He has 6 teeth: 3 on top, 3 on bottom. Numbers 7 and 8 are on their way. 
  • He is incredibly energetic now and loves being outside. We take lots of stroller rides, play outside in his walker and go to the park. 
  • He seems to love the swings and slides at the park. Now that the weather is so nice we've been trying to make the trip more often. 
  • He had his first kiddie pool time this month. It was just warm enough to let him splash around a bit and he loved climbing in and out of the pool. 
  • He goes to "Y Play" at the YMCA while I workout and always does well. He even makes friends which is the cutest thing ever. One day they told me he cried a bit after two of his new friends got picked up by their parents. Love my social boy!
  • He points at EVERYTHING. And usually says something that sounds like "Dat." It's cute (most of the time.)
  • He had mastered his "bye-bye". He waves and will say "buh, buh". So, so sweet. 
  • We visited the Nashville Zoo as a family and he loved watching the flamingos. We could have stayed there forever and he would have been happy. 
  • He loves balloons, likes opening and closing doors, chasing the dogs and even likes watching his Daddy mow the lawn. It's been really fun watching him explore more and more. 
  • He talks a TON! This kid is going to be a chatty boy for sure. 

This phase has been so much fun. I'm loving every moment! Here are some photos from the past month:

Such a big boy! Just a little over 3 weeks to go til he is a year old!

Until next time...

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