Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fisher Caught the Big ONE: Party Decorations

We just had Fisher's first birthday party and it was so much fun! The theme was "fishing" and I had a great time making decorations to go along with it. This isn't a great picture, but here is a shot of the homemade invitations we sent out. (I cut out way more fish for this party than I'd ever want to admit.)

Here are some shots of all the decorations. Some of the items I used were: cheap fishing net from Oriental Trading Company, spray painted sticks from our front yard, tons of cardstock (for banners, little fish and favor tags) that I already had on hand, a couple grapevine wreaths spray painted green, a chalkboard we already owned, a crate spray painted green that we already owned, brown twine & red/white bakers twine, streamers and a couple plastic table cloths. 

I made desserts for the party like the chocolate dipped pretzel rods and the "bobber" style cake pops. The cupcakes I had Publix bake and ice, but I added the worm "bait" and cookie "dirt" to the top of the chocolate ones and added the Swedish Fish, the pretzel "fishing rods" and string the vanilla ones to complete the theme. We also set out plenty of extra sour worms and Swedish fish to snack on. 

It was an absolute blast and I had so much fun putting everything together. (Shout out to Momma C, Pops & Brent for helping set up all the decorations!) I'll post some of the pictures from throughout the party later and of course I'll have lots posted on Facebook. 

The biggest take-away: Fisher LOVES cake. 

Until next time...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Fisher is 12 Months!

Well, the year mark has come and gone. It's really hard to believe. This past year has flown by and we've loved every moment. Here's the 12 month scoop:

  • HE IS WALKING!!! We had our first steps (about 5) and then he was completely uninterested for a week or so, but now he's all over it. We still need to help him get going, but he balances well while standing and will take quite a few steps solo. It is so much fun! 
  • He is a PIG! He seriously loves all food especially blueberry pancakes. (And now has a love for cake too!)
  • He has 8 teeth: 4 on top, 4 on bottom. 
  • He still loves being outside. He enjoys stroller rides, visits to the park, the zoo and now loves his wagon and truck he got for his birthday. 
  • We visited the Nashville Zoo again this month and he liked the giraffes, the red lemurs and he still loves the flamingos.
  • He loves his daddy's desk chair. Brent will sit him in it and spin him around. He thinks it is so fun!
  • We finally upgraded to the next size car seat and he seems much more comfy.
  • He talking a TON! This kid is going to be a chatty boy for sure. He's mastered
    "what a dog says" and will give a little bark. So stinking cute!!! He also knows that a cow "moos".
  • He's figured out how to climb up into his glider all on his own. He was so proud of himself.
This month included our first Mother's Day, his first (and second) taste of cake, his first haircut and his First Birthday Party. It was an awesome month! I'll share birthday party photos in another post, but here are some shots from the past month. 

Our first Mother's Day together. 

Right after his first steps! I cried like a baby!!!
He is all about rocking a hat. I can't believe that he leaves them on his head. 

Momma C's birthday lunch.

Before his first haircut


Blueberry pancakes at the Phunky Griddle for his birthday.

First time using crayons on his daddy-son birthday breakfast (on Saturday).
And here are some shots from his official one year photo session:

Stay tuned for birthday party photos. (We have tons!!!)

Until next time...