Friday, December 28, 2012

Fisher is 7 Months!

This is almost two weeks late, but here's the 7 month update for Fisher. 

We had a check up yesterday so Fish could get his second flu shot and here are his current stats (at 7 months and 11 days.) He is now 18 lbs & 3 oz. 

Here's what's been going on during his 7th month:
  • He has mastered his scoot/drag crawling. He can really move and now is full-on crawling on his knees. (That started a little after 7 months.)
  • He is sitting up really well unassisted and is getting close to being able to push himself up into the sitting position.
  • He is still grabbing his feet. He's just so stinking flexible!
  • He has a lot more hair these days and even though it's lighter than it was at birth, it seems to be getting a bit darker now. 
  • We are still keeping bedtime at around 7:15pm and are up around 7:30am. Some days he's up earlier, but he plays happily in his crib which is wonderful.
  • We are eating fruits and veggies! He seems to like most everything. We're eating fruits, veggies and cereals.
  • HE GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH! I still can't believe it! The first tooth was one of the center bottom teeth and now (past 7 months) we have a second tooth!
  • He is now "babbling" and talking up a storm. He's officially said "mama" (yay!), but I think that was really after we hit the 7 month mark.
  • He loves to jump. That kid can rock out in his Jumperoo.
  • He is obsessed with his walker. He can spend 45 minutes in that thing just scooting all around the room. 
  • Fisher received his first Imagination Library book this month.

This month we celebrated Thanksgiving and Fisher enjoyed tons of family time. He also had his first family Christmas party on the day he turned 7 months. It was really fun to introduce him to Christmas gifts. (He was mainly interested in the bow or paper, as expected.)

Here are some pictures from the past month:

The day we discovered Fisher's first tooth! November 30th 
Thanksgiving with Pap.
Thanksgiving with all the cousins. What an adorable crew. 
Momma and Fisher on Thanksgiving. 
Family photo at Opryland Hotel. 
Sweet moment with Papa.

At the Kee Christmas party opening gifts. 

At the Kee family Christmas party in his new hat. 
Holiday photo session with dad for our Chirstmas cards. 
My favorite picture from the holiday Christmas photo shoot. 

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