Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pinspiration Project: Chalk Paint Wine Glasses

There are probably hundreds of Pinterest projects on my list of to-dos and as you can imagine, I've completed none very few of them. However, I finally found some time to create one of my pinspiration projects last week. It's one you've probably seen posted all over the place, but it's easy, cute, inexpensive and great for any girl's night. I totally recommend you giving it a go!

Here's my version of the chalk painted wine glasses:

The only supplies you need are: Dollar Store wine glasses, black chalk board paint, a paint brush, painters tape & chalk. The one tip I learned as I went was that you definitely want to paint the bottom of the base as well otherwise you can't get an opaque look. Just flip them upside down to dry between coats. (Three thin coats should cover it for you.) Oh, and keep in mind these will be hand-wash only once you've added the paint. 

Here are some photos of the process:

Can't wait to use these at my next girls night! Now if I could just find some time for my next pinspiration project.

Until next time...