Tuesday, February 4, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way!

Obviously keeping up with a blog hasn't been going well for me, but now that we are expecting baby #2 (crazy!!!) I'm going to attempt to at least post some pregnancy progress. I love being able to look back and read over what I experienced when I was pregnant with Fisher and want that for this baby too. I have a terrible memory so if I want a chance of remembering anything, I better write it down. So, here we go again...

I'm now 13 weeks and it has been EXTREMELY different than my experience with Fisher. I have been sick like crazy. I'm hoping by week 14 I'll be in better shape. Due to my increased sickness this time around, Brent is already convinced it will be a girl. I'm leaning towards girl, but I refuse to call it this early. 

We had our 12 week check up last Friday and the baby looks great. He or she was moving their legs and arms all over the place. It was amazing to see so much movement at just 3 months. I think this kiddo is going to be active and energetic. (Fisher was a very chill baby even in the womb. We had to force him to move during checkups.) 

I gained 2 pounds during my first trimester which is good. I'm a little concerned about what growth the second baby will bring to my body. All I want is a healthy baby, but I'd love to not be a whale at the end of this journey. Here's some shots of what I look like now at 13 weeks. 

Until next time...

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  1. Boy or girl, I'm convinced it will be a terror. Make up time.