Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way: 20 Week Update

We've made it to the halfway mark and we now know that there is a baby GIRL on the way!  (Even though everyone told me we were having a girl, I was still quite surprised with the news. Brent of course knew it all along.) Sweet Emmy Josephine was healthy and active at our last check up. She's hanging out super low which made getting photos of all her parts a bit difficult, but we got what we needed.

I've gained 8 pounds so far in this pregnancy and, thankfully, I'm starting to feel less of the nausea theses days. I do, however, have my acid reflux kicking in which was very present in my pregnancy with Fisher. Overall, I'm doing great and am loving feeling miss Emmy move and dance in my belly. She's a mover and a shaker for sure. 

Here's what I'm looking like these days:

We had a great time revealing the gender to our family after our appointment. Stay tuned and I'll share all the details of our crafty gender reveal packages. (You'll be surprised how big of a roll Brent played in it all.)

Until next time...

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