Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Emmy: Ten Months Old

Look at this precious girl! I am overwhelmed by her beauty, joy and sweetness every single day. What a blessing she is to our family!

At ten months old, our sweet Emmy Josephine is starting to enjoy more foods, but is still very against any non-pureed foods. She's starting accepting puffs, but absolutely HATES the "lil bits" baby food. Check out this hilarious video of her fighting the food:

Too funny! Luckily, now that we are almost to 11 months, she is now doing great with table foods. But more about that later.

This month Emmy helped us celebrate Fisher's third birthday and she enjoyed her second beach vacation! She loves having out in daddy's office and is rolling around and scooting like crazy. Check out some adorable photos from her tenth month:

Oh, goodness! I love that sweet girl! (And those boys, too.)

Until next time...

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