Friday, April 8, 2011

Surprise Shower Celebration

One of our small group couples are moving away from Nashville and back to Atlanta for a job opportunity. Although we are excited for this growing family's new adventure, we are selfishly wishing they could stay here with us forever. To send them off with lots of love, our small group threw them a surprise baby shower this past Tuesday and it was a big hit!

Ashley and Oliver were not expecting the shower by any means, (especially since they are only 20 weeks along and we planned in only a few days before our group meeting) but we knew it would be the perfect going away party. Here are some pictures of the gathering. 

These are happy tears...we didn't do anything mean, I promise.

You can get to know this adorable couple and their baby to be on their blog "The Joneses...Trying to Keep Up".  We love you, Ashley and Oliver!

Until next time...


  1. ADORABLE diaper cake. Where did you get the little covering pieces/animals???

  2. Thanks! I got those from JoAnns but they have all sorts at Hobby Lobby too...59 cents each. Nice right? And I already had the diapers left over from the wreath.

    I get so excited about that stuff. I told Brent I need to figure out how to start making money doing it. ;)

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  4. You guys are the BEST! We were obviously surprised or we would have dressed nicer. :) The picture of me crying is so ridiculous! I especially love that Oliver is laughing... so typical!