Saturday, November 19, 2011

Telling the Sisters

When it came time to announce our baby news to the sisters we had to come up with a creative way to tell my sisters, Heather and Kelsey, from a distance. What we decided was to send a letter with a sonogram photo that said absolutely nothing other than "Guess Who" on the front. Even with no information from us, it was pretty obviously who the news was from. 

Needless to say we got some excited phone calls (particularly from Kelsey) asking for all the details. I turned out to be pretty fun for everyone.

Now Liz (Brent's little sister) got the news in a little bit of a different way. We had a family photo set up with Brent's Mom's side of the family right after we had announced the news to our parents and decided to use the opportunity to tell Liz and the rest of the family our big news. 

During the "photo shoot" we had the photographer say "Liz is gonna be an aunt!" so we would have pictures of her reaction. They turned out pretty well. Take a peek. (The first one is before the announcement.)

Afterwards, Liz also got a card to remember it by that said "Aunt Liz" and had a sonogram picture on the inside just like the ones we sent to Heather and Kelsey. 

We obviously had a lot of fun coming up with the ways to spill the beans. 

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