Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Preggers Update!

I have now reached 15 weeks in my pregnancy.

At my last appointment I had officially gained only one pound during my first trimester. I have quite a bit to go, but it feels like I'm starting to catch up. Our next appointment is the BIG one. On December 30th, we have our sex-revealing ultrasound. Woop, woop!

Overall, I'm feeling pretty darn good and things seem to be progressing well. 

Now I need to show off my adorable furbabies. We had a mini photo shoot at the house to try and snag a good shot of Mak and Maeby for our family Christmas cards. (They may not be so much of a focus on next year's card. Someone new might be stealing their lime light.) Look how cute they are...

Don't you just love them?

Until next time...


  1. You're looking great sis!
    Great idea about focusing on the furbabies this season! They are adorable indeed. cute photos! What is Maeby wearing!?

  2. Its her Christmas coat. It has a hood and a Christmas tree on the back. She hates it :)

  3. Did you lose a Big Brother challenge and are now forced to wear a uni-tard? If so, is the Hubby relegated to slop?

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha to my hubby's comment.
    It sure does look like a uni-tard but it definitely shows off the baby bump well.