Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fisher is 1 Month!

My little boy is already 1 month old! He now weighs 9 lbs, 11.6 oz, 21.5 inches long, completely adorable and oh, so much fun.

  • He is still in newborn diapers. Although he is about to move on to the next size.
  • He is still wearing most of his newborn clothes and a few 0-3 months outfits. He just outgrew his first outfit...sad!
  • He hasn't lost any of his hair yet.
  • His eye contact and alertness is really increasing. He's started staring at the bear mobile above his swing...very cute.
  • He's been in his crib since he was a week old. 
  • He sleeps well at night and is waking-up once or twice each night. We just moved to one time a night the past couple nights...we'll see if that lasts or not.
  • He doesn't seem to mind the pups at all. Mak doesn't seem too interested in him, but Maeby does drive-by licks all the time.
  • He's eating like a champ. We are breast feeding and using one pumped bottle a day so daddy can feed him too. (We introduced the bottle at 3 weeks.)

  • He doesn't burp or spit-up very often and trying to burp him rarely works. He just does it when he wants to.
  • He is lifting his head up more and more when we practice tummy-time.
  • At his 1 month check-up, he exploded poop onto the nurse and across the room while getting his temperature checked. It was awesome.
  • This is his favorite facial expression:

Check out more pictures of Fisher on his daddy's blog, SnapFisher.

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