Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Year of Generosity: Sending Love to the Mailman

Brent and I made a New Year's Resolution to make this a year of generosity. We'll be heading to Haiti in October, but we wanted to find little ways to show love to those around us all throughout the year. 

Today our generosity is focused on the mailman all just because I forgot I ordered Girl Scout cookies. Brent and I are starting a Daniel Fast in honor of Lent tomorrow (which obviously excludes sweets) and last night I received a box of Thin Mint cookies. Not great timing. Or is it?

We took this as an opportunity to send some love out to our mailman! Will he think we're nice or just crazy? Who really knows. At least we tried, right?

I know I'd be pumped about some free cookies (unless I'm about to start a fast) so let's hope he enjoys them. 

Anything you've done to try to share the love? I'd love some creative ideas!

Happy (early) Valentines Day!

Until next time...


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