Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Home Office...or is it the guest room?

Brent had been waiting forever to be be able to work from home and he's finally made the transition. Other than Fisher wanting him to come play every once in a while, it has been a great set up. We get to enjoy lunch together and Brent gets more time with Fisher throughout the day. It's pretty awesome. 

Since we only have a three bedroom house and Brent's work requires his office to be in a room that can lock, we had the incorporate his home office into the guest room. We still need to paint the desk, but overall the room is looking great. I didn't want our visitors to feel like they are sleeping in an office, so I finally added some decorative accents to the "guest room" side and made sure to keep the "office" side looking a bit more "homey" rather than too professional looking. We still have some additional artwork to add, but it is basically complete. Check it out:

I really like how it all came together! The need to get the office ready helped me finally add some more style to the room. It was about dang time. :) I just love that pop of yellow and everything was super easy. 

Here are some of the details on this super easy, super inexpensive update:

The camera prints (to represent my hubby's new venture) and the quotes in yellow were FREE downloadable prints that I just printed on card-stock using our home printer. Most of the frames we already had so most of the new art was super budget friendly. 

I painted the "with God" canvas as a little gift for my hubby. It was a phrase that really connected with him during a sermon series at our church. I made it by painted the white and blue all over the canvas and then placed vinyl letters (cut by my Cricut) down and painted over it all with the yellow. (If you do this, make sure you peel up the letters while the paint is sill wet so it doesn't rip your top layer of paint off.)

The white mirror was a purchase from Michael's with a 40% off coupon and the side table on the left of the bed was taken from our living room and all the decorative items were also already owned. 

The clock is an inexpensive Target purchase and the sweet photo of baby Fisher was a gift from Father's Day that was always intended for Brent's office. Who wouldn't love seeing that precious face while working?

I think the office works great for the hubbs, for me and our guests. I call that a success. 

Until next time...


  1. If that mirror hits me in the middle of the night, I'm protesting

  2. You never visit so I think you'll be OK.