Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Kids' Room: A Few Updates + A Big Boy Bed!

Fisher's toddler bed finally arrived Monday afternoon. I had no plans of him sleeping in it Monday night since he hadn't even seen it before (and I wasn't going to be home for bedtime), but Fisher thought differently. Once that bed was in place, he was pumped about going "night-night". Brent said he was already asking for the lights to be turned off at 5:30pm. What a funny kid!

Well, with Fisher's enthusiasm and Brent's complete lack of fear, I allowed the first night in the big boy bed to happen while I was away and Fisher did perfect! I'm so proud of our little guy and hope he keeps it up. The toddler bed transition was one of my main concerns as far as prepping ourselves for Emmy's arrival. I'm so relieved that it hasn't started out as a battle. 

Before the toddler bed arrived, Brent and a couple friends repainted the kids' room a really light gray color. The existing tan (leftover from when the room was our master bedroom) was not very kid-friendly in appearance and didn't play well with the overall look we were hoping to achieve. Luckily, with the new wall color, additional artwork, updated scones, newly painted switch-plate covers & air-return vent cover, and, of course, the new toddler bed, our kids' room is right on track. 

Here's what it looks like now:

You didn't even notice the return air vent in the room did you? That's probably because it no longer looks like this:

Yeah, the disgusting brown color was a little more noticeable once against the pale gray walls so we hit it with a can of white spray paint and now it blends beautifully. (Thank goodness!) See?

Much better, right? I also updated the wall sconces by adding maps to the shades. I love that the result doesn't stand out too much, but still plays perfectly into the room's travel theme.

Here are some closer looks at the lights:


The updates still to do are:
  • Add gray curtains to the window (replacing the original white curtains)
  • Make & hang the pegboard-artwork, mirrors & shelf above the changing table (replacing the original large round mirror)
  • Purchase a mattress for the crib
  • Make the bedskirt for the crib
  • Hang the hot air balloon mobile above the crib
  • Hang our maternity photos from Fisher's & Emmy's pregnancies 
  • Plus whatever else my pregnant self decides to add in over the next 9 weeks. :)
I love how this room is coming together! I think it will be the perfect balance of little boy and little girl and I love how bright and airy it looks with the new wall color. Fisher likes it too!

Until next time...


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