Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way: 28 Weeks Update

We've arrived at 28 weeks and I feel very, very pregnant. My main complaints at the moment are acid reflux, cramping & back pain while up on my feet for too long at work and of course, the constant peeing. Picking up Fisher is definitely wearing on me so I'm trying to limit who much I carry him around these days. 

I had my check-up today and Emmy's heartbeat sounds perfect and I'm measuring right on track. She moves ALL THE TIME so she seems happy and healthy which is reassuring. 

I gained another 5 pounds this past month (ugh) putting me at a total of 20 pounds. I'm really hoping I can keep it from going too much higher. (I gained 28 pounds total with Fisher and really don't want to go over that number this time around.) I've had a crazy sweet tooth this pregnancy so I'd like to keep that under control for the next couple months. It's time for Emmy to do all the growing and mommy to do a bit less. We'll see. 

Here's what I'm looking like these days with my 20 extra pounds:

We're moving to appointments every 2 weeks now which means Emmy will be here before we know it. I still can't believe we are going to have two kiddos by August! I finally ordered Fisher's toddler bed today so we'll see how that transition goes. Just another thing to check off the list to prep us all for Emmy Josephine's arrival. 

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