Wednesday, April 30, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way: 24 Weeks Update (late)

As you should expect by now, this update is a little over a week late, but here it is none the less. Over the last month I gained my largest amount thus far: 6 large pounds. I felt the increase in size so I wasn't surprised. (Although I still hate watching those numbers jump up.) Emmy is measuring right on track and all looks good for me as well. 

Here's what I'm looking like at this point:

The big news this month was that Emmy's arrhythmia that we had heard at previous appointments didn't show up during my ultrasound/echo and we didn't hear any at my last appointment either. Her heart looks perfect and now that we aren't hearing any irregularities, we should be in good shape. 

The other super wonderful news is that I passed my glucose test! Woo hoo for no 3 hour test!  Unfortunately, I am slightly anemic (like I was with Fisher) and have to add an additional iron pill to daily routine. Not a big deal, but who enjoys taking pills?

According to Baby Center this week (25 weeks), Emmy measures around 13 1/2 inches in length and weighs a pound and a half, but is beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat. She is also growing more hair. (Here's hoping for dark curly hair so we know this kid came from me.)

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