Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Kids Room: Building our Travel Theme

When we started talking about having another baby, we went ahead and switched room with Fisher to allow him to have more space and, ultimately, so he could have a future roommate. Our guest room is also Brent's office so putting both kiddos in one room is by far the best choice for our home. I just hope the transition goes well once little Emmy is here.  

There is quite a bit to be done before Emmy arrives, but I've started putting together some of the decorative elements which is getting me really excited. I told Brent that I'm just going to ignore all the troubles that may arise as we get a toddler and newborn to share a room and focus on how stinking adorable their shared room is going to be. Sounds like a healthy approach to me. 

We decided to go with a travel theme for the room. We have airplanes for Fisher and will have hot air balloons for Emmy. (I ordered her mobile yesterday. Mom found a steal online for me and I can't wait for it to arrive.) We also have incorporated maps, globes, bicycles, etc. to help with the overall theme. So far I'm loving how it is coming together and it seems to be a good balance of little boy and little girl elements. 

Here are some photos of the room as it is now and some details on how it will be changing:

To the right of the armoire will be Fisher's new toddler bed. (The glider is moving to our living room to make space and to keep me from having to nurse in the same room as Fisher at night.) The plane prints are (super inexpensive) newly placed artwork that I'll give more information on in a moment. 
The canvas above the armoire will eventually be a graphic and colorful painting of the phrase, "He's got the whole world in His hands." The globes and lamp will stay as well as the little red airplane sitting on top.
This area I'll need to do a separate blog post about sometime because that used to be a door. Yeah, I said a door. And now it is an awesome custom bookcase created by my father. We absolutely love it and wish we had covered up that extra, unused exterior door back when we were using that room as our master. Oh, so much better! I also love that it brings the white of the armoire over to the opposite side of the room.
I found these adorable bike shadowbox prints for a few bucks each at Michael's and hung them on the side of the bookcase for a little extra "travel theme" fun. I absolutely love them  (and the price!) 
This is the view of Fisher's (soon-to-be Emmy's crib) side of the room. Above each sconce I hope to put a small framed print of both of the kiddos birth stats and I'm going to add a little banner across the map canvas to bring in some extra frilliness for Emmy. We'll also have the new hot air balloon mobile hanging above the crib and there will a bed skirt created by my momma. (Fabric selection shown below in the "project section".)   
The changing table will be painted coral and the mirror is being replaced with some sort of artwork and a shelf for storage. Since there are two doors into this bedroom, I created a "E" and "F" initial for each of the doors. It's one of my favorite little projects so far. Check out the details below. 

So there's an idea of what the room is looking like so far. Here are some of the projects I've accomplished to help pull this room together:

First, there are the plane canvas prints that will be above Fisher's bed. My mom found these on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $12.50 each. (Awesome!) I thought they need to pop off the wall a bit more so I opted to paint the edges coral to match the changing table paint. I love how this little extra detail turned out! And the prints look great with the little planes we hung from the ceiling (another 50% off find at Hobby Lobby.)

The "fly" letters I grabbed at Michael's and painted pale blue. Then I added some dry brushing of a navy blue to bring out some depth. They are simply hung by some 3M command strips that will easily remove off the wall. Another simple detail that I really love and Fisher seems to dig it too. Easy peasy!

Next I created the initials for the kiddos' bedroom doors. This is my favorite (and super fast) project so far. I'm kinda obsessed. Check them out:

Adorable, right?! The letters came from Michael's, the "flowers" are made out of old maps, leftover buttons and scrap burlap. The paint is the color we will be using on the changing table and the other room accent color. I just accordion-folded stripes of map, hot glued the ends together, hot glued on the burlap and button and hot glued in onto the letters. Super easy. They are also hung up with the 3M command strips. 

Love! Love! Love! Thoughts?

The big things still to accomplish include: ordering Fisher's toddler bed and mattress, painting the changing table coral, getting my awesome mother to make a crib skirt for Emmy and a duvet cover for Fisher, switching out the mirror over the changing table for a shelf and some sort of artwork/storage/who know what, painting the artwork above the armoire ("He holds the whole world in His hands") and swapping out the shades on the wall sconces for white ones.

Here's the fabric we'll be using to create the bedding and a picture of Fisher's future big-boy bed. Blue is for Fisher's duvet cover and the print will be Emmy's crib skirt. I love the combination and can't wait to see it all come together!

I'm sure there is lots more I'll think of in the next couple months, but at least I've started. 

Wow, that was a long post. 

Until next time...

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