Saturday, January 3, 2015

Emmy: Four Months Old

We're one week away from Emmy being 5 months, but I'm just now getting around to her four month update. Yep, these photos were taken yesterday. But technically she's still only four months so roll with me, OK?

Here's what Emmy's been up to lately (leading up to 4 months):
  • She LOVES being on her belly. She rolls over like a champ, but pretty much refuses to get off her tummy. 
  • She's getting more chatty and giggly these days which we love.
  • She is still solely on breast milk.
  • She's sleeping through the night and actually sleeps in pretty late most mornings. (Yay!)
  • She celebrated her first Thanksgiving.
  • She attended her first concert...Merry Music City Christmas at Cross Point.
Thanksgiving gathering at Aunt Diane's.
Christmas photo requested by Momma C's with cousin Kyler. Adorable!
Getting excited for Christmas! 
First concert at Cross Point. Natalie Grant was AWESOME!

And here are some precious baby giggles from our happy 4 month old girl:

At this point, we've also celebrated Emmy's first Christmas among other things, but I'll save that for her 5 month post. (Hopefully I'll get that posted before she turns 6 months, but no promises.)

Until next time...

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