Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet our Future Home

So I was trying to fall asleep last night and all a sudden started feeling like I might be jinxing myself  by starting up this blog. You see, this blog is totally centered around our new home and, well, we don't actually own it yet. But have no fear kids, we are still in business! We got the news today (finally) that the bank has appraised the house for the full purchase price! For those that have not gone through the home buying process yet, this is a super big deal. If it didn't appraise for the right value, we wouldn't get our loan and as a result you would have to miss out on this most amazing blog. 

Now that it seems all the hoops have been jumped and we'll have no problem closing on our proposed date of February 25, I would like to introduce you to our future home...

She's cute, right? Sorry, that's all you get for now. This is just a first date, after all. There will be more to come later.

Until next time... 

Side note: I am now addicted to the Nate Burkus show. The only down-side is it's an hour long show that comes on every weekday and it's filling up my DVR. Hope the hubbie doesn't notice.


  1. YAY for loan approval!!! whoo hoo!

    and what is "the Nate Burkus show"?

  2. It's a design talk show. Nate was Oprah's design guy and now he has his own show. He's adorable.

  3. Oh....your Dad would notice :) Loving the blog already. You and your sisters have inherited you Dad's writing skills :) Mom

  4. Looks like Anonymous isn't a supported comment profile option yet. :-) Dad

  5. Love your first two blogs and looking forward to more. Dad