Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yarn Wreath: Attempt No.1

I know I peaked everyone's interest by mentioning my awesome yarn wreath in my first blog post so I've decided not to torture you any longer. I now present to you, Yarn Wreath: Attempt No.1, also known as Trudy.

Just cute would this be for a baby shower? Such a great entry
display and an adorable gift for the mommy-to-be.

I'm pretty excited about Trudy, but I unfortunately selected the green color before we found our new home which, as you may remember, has green shutters and a green door. Therefore, this is Trudy's 15 minutes of fame. She sadly won't be making the cut to be our front door greeter. I'll be creating Yarn Wreath: Attempt No.2 in the near future, and I'll be sure to introduce you to Trudy's equally attractive little sister once she arrives. But before we forget all about Trudy, here are some close-ups.

This little project is great because you can be as creative as you like. There are about a million yarn color options as well as button options, and you can make as many felt flowers as your little heart desires. As you can see, I was digging the buttons this time around, but I think Trudy's little sis will be more flower focused. But the BEST part of this project is the price...under $9.

Here's the price breakdown:
  • Wreath Form: $2.99 (I used the straw version, but I'll be spending the extra couple bucks for the Styrofoam version next time since the straw makes the wreath a bit lumpy and it's harder to wrap.)
  • Felt Flowers: $0.60 for 2 sheets of felt
  • Buttons: FREE (thanks, Mom!)
  • Yarn: $2.99
  • Ribbon: $3.99 (Seems a little high, but I only used a tiny bit on this project) 
Not bad, right?

Until next time...


  1. She's ADORABLE!

    So for the non creative savy or just folks that just have no extra time to try on their own... how much will you charge for Trudy?

    cough, cough, etsy store?

  2. Love it! I'd pay you to make me one too!

  3. Can't u use it on your back door?

  4. Yeah, mom...maybe she'll make it on the back door :) Good idea! I don't know about the etsy store thing, Heather. There are already people on there selling everything I could make. I don't know about a price...probably around $30 since it takes FOREVER to make :)

  5. GIVE IT TO MEEEE. It'll match my room. :) super cute.