Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"That's So Wrong" Wednesday Vol. 20

I'm just going to assume that you have all checked out the AwkwardFamilyPhotos website a time or two. If not, shame on you. They present some of the best family photos ever taken and the best part is I'm sure we can all relate to a terrible family (or class) photo that embarrasses you just to think about. 

Here is one featured photo that made me laugh out loud while at work. I love that they include commentary from the submitter of the photo.

"This must have been my 10th or 11th birthday. It was a custom that the cousins would give out the birthday spankings, but apparently it got a little rough. I think I look terrified. It’s like a scene out of “Lord of the Flies.” Notice the John Travolta poster in the background, and the fact that my brother is laughing maniacally and holding a leather belt.” (submitted by Vanessa)

BLOG UPDATE: I have decided to revamp my "That's So Wrong" Wednesdays. I will now be having a weekly, "WOW Wednesday" where I will feature either something terrible OR something so amazing that you just have to say, "wow". I hope you guys will enjoy checking in on whatever catches my eye.

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