Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vacation = No Creative Post

We just returned home from our short trip to Destin (in which I got scorched the first day...nice) and I'm too busy dreading the return to work tomorrow tired to post anything that requires effort. Feel free to call me lazy. 

Instead, here are a couple pictures from our trip.

Brent and I at the beach avoiding as much sun as I could (hence the floppy hat.)
Brothers, Michael and Kevin joined us for the trip. They're a fun pair.
Our last night in Destin at Dewey Destin's...YUM!
Shane may look unhappy, but in reality...that's how he looks all the time. 
Brent and I at the beach with my "gardeners outfit" to help keep the sun off my amazingly burnt shoulders. Sad.
Heather and I at La Rumba before they headed back home to Starkville.
The hubbs and I right before we headed home. Boo, work.
I hope to give you are real post soon. I even have a new kitchen table to talk about, but we'll save that for later.

Until next time...


  1. :) Glad you had fun, even though it was short!

  2. You matched your shirt to your face. Is that was kids are doing nowdays?

    What type of "short" is Mrs. McGood refering to?

    Also its great that you include all types of lifestyles into your friend circle. Im not that open to that.