Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"That's So Wrong" Wednesday Vol. 17

In the spirit of our upcoming beach trip, I would like to feature some terrible beachwear choices.  I promise we won't be sporting any of these outfits this weekend.

These all come from the Glamour's Nearly Naked DOs and DON'Ts list. Thank goodness we have them guiding our choices since obviously most of us would gravitate to these wardrobe selections.

The New Don’t: Unzipped Pants

Unzipped pants or shorts are apparently a no-no. Thanks for letting me know, Glamour.

Mesh, Thongs and Camo!

This look just confuses me. That camo doesn't seem to work for the beach.
Heels With <em>That</em>?
Who in their right mind wants to walk in heals on the beach? I mean really. Where are these ladies going?

We Don’t Wanna See That

And yeah, this really isn't necessary. Stick with the trunks, boys.


And finally, I must include that obvious fake-n-bake signs is a definite beach fashion DON'T.

Thong bathing suits, too-small of a top and full mesh outfits are also on the no-no list, but those images made me a little uncomfortable. You get the idea.

Until next time...


  1. Woohoo!!!!! This is by far the best post you've ever done (except for the dudes). I've been asking for and waiting for a post filled to the brim with hot ladies in bikinis and/or skimpy lingerie and you've now given the people what they asked for.

    I didn't read the words but I'm sure it was very compelling. You brought a smile to my face this morning. Keep up the good work!!!!

  2. yikes.
    I was at a park yesterday and there were countless men over 80 walking around with no shirts on.
    Can wrinkley bodies be added to your list?