Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

When you buy a [previously owned] home you inherit a few items here and there around the house. These are my favorite, left-behind items. Some of these items are just lovely or interesting and you'll easily understand my love for them.

Love! These flowers are HUGE and are at the corner of our house. They are beautiful and basically make up for all the weeds in our flowerbeds. 

Love! This note on our driveway. Right outside our back door we have a reminder of the history of our home. It states, "Built by Ford Gang 4-22-70". How awesome! And I think it's pretty funny they called themselves a "gang". 

Love! Well, my husband loves it. This is visible right outside our bedroom window which is super convenient when trying decide what to wear in the morning. Who needs a weather man?

Others are simply head-scratchers.

Hmm? A ceiling fan in the carport? OK. I think I can jump on that bandwagon, but a ceiling fan with a green light? I don't know. (Oh, and yes, that is a basketball at the end of the light chain.)

Hmm? Tiny antlers above the storage shed door? Of course. Those are totally needed, right?

Is there anything you've come across in your home that you've fallen in love with or that you've just decided to embrace? I personally think it's part of the fun of owning an old home.

Until next time...


  1. Jackalope antlers! These are very rare indeed!

  2. We got a tiny succulent left behind when we moved to Boston. It was a nice little green surprise when we moved in.

    Your post reminded me of the summer we interned, though. These two posts on my blog show the WEIRD things left behind in that NY apartment!

  3. Those antlers and that ceiling fan absolutely scream "class". LOL. Your house was built by a gang? I bet there are drugs and/or money and/or human remains hidden in your walls.

    Nice job on this post, a lot more interesting the last few.

  4. Only good flowers are artificial flowers. They never die and remain the same color year round. Also, I see nothing wrong with a ceiling fan in the carport. Wall that sucker in and make that part of your home. Then the boy can have a playroom for his action figures or if he does karate it will be his training room.

    I agree with Floyd also, the posts are looking on the upside.

  5. How fortunate of you to have self-appointed blog critics.

  6. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Robin!

  7. I could be making this up, but I think antlers over the door are for good luck. The green light might have been their attempt to keep it from attracting bugs...I know yellow lights work that way...maybe green do too.