Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspired: Ana White Homemaker

I love making lists and seeing as we live in an older home that was decorated quite differently than my own tastes, I have a list about a mile long of projects/changes that I would like to accomplish. (Sooner rather than later, please.) Many of the items are just simple "honey-do" items like mounting the TV on the wall which my dear husband is doing as I sit here blogging...please don't judge me...while others are painting projects, art projects and even major demolition plans. Needless to say there is plenty that I want to get done, but thanks to my dear husband, I now have my head spinning with more project ideas that I can stand.

This afternoon, Brent decided it was time to introduce me to Ana White. Her website/blog has a massive amount of followers so I'm sure some of you may have already come across it, but somehow I had not until today. Let me just tell you, I want to be her I am in awe of this self-proclaimed homemaker. Not only did she and her husband literally build their home with their own hands, but her website gives you step by step construction details on how to make your own furniture pieces. Oh, the projects I plan to do!

Check out her website when you get a chance. (Click the image above.) You'll be bombarded with ideas and inspiration. 

Now off to make my new list of home to-do's... 1. Reclaimed-wood Headboard, 2. Ten Dollar Ledges, 3. Farmhouse Bedside Tables, 4. Vintage Crate Carts...

Until next time...


  1. Major demolition plans? Did I just hear Kelly's name?

  2. Blog tip from a seasoned blogger: Don't redirect readers to someone else's blog. They might really love that other blog and never come back to yours.

    You're welcome for the advice.

  3. LOL at your husband introducing you to a homemaker's blog! HA! Does he knit and bake too?!

    This is another one of the kinds of posts that I dislike. A lot of words and the only picture is one you stole from somebody's blog.

    FREE TIP: It would help keep one's interest if maybe you wrote a step by step account of how you and your "husband" followed instructions on the blog. That MIGHT at least be a LITTLE entertaining.

  4. Wow. How much do you pay for the blog critique? Better question, what are you willing to pay to make it stop?

  5. Really Frank? Really?! YOU are the one that isn't contributing ANYTHING at all to Mrs. Robin's blog post. You didn't even comment on it. All you did was comment on a comment and that comment wasn't even funny. That my friend is what I call a "comment fail."

    You've just been served. You're welcome.

  6. I've been hearing lots of things about your blog from my friends Norm and Floyd. After reading some of your previous posts, I must say that taking down the ceiling fan was a dumb move. Also, you could've sold that thing on craigslist!

  7. I can only imagine the number of project coming to mind, sis! I went to her site, made my head spin. You definitely have the mindset to tackle those projects! Go get em!

    ps. Be sure to post an updated pic of the TV in it's rightful place. Did Brenton not need an extra set of hands to get the job done? He's superman!