Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Take a Seat

A couple weekends ago we decided to go ahead and purchase some new dining chairs. The ones we have been using up until this point are hand-me downs from my parents and they are broken with the cane seats sinking in. Friends always seemed to shrink as they sat in our chairs.

We plan to eventually purchase a new rectangular table and a bench from World Market as well so we can seat more people than our four main chairs. You can check out what I've got my eye on here. Of course, it can always change, but so far we are happy with our new chairs.

I think they look pretty darn good and they are super comfy which is a must when we have people hanging out for awhile. We also were able to snag them at a discounted price which always makes shopping more enjoyable. To make it even better, they were technically supposed to be full-price, but somebody accidentally left the previous sale tag on the floor model. Why is it that a discounted price seems much more exciting when it wasn't supposed to happen? It feels like such a victory! 

1 point Robin...although I'm pretty sure World Market is still wining this game.

Until next time...

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