Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Right Rug?

The hubbie and I will soon be decorating the extra living room space in our home which has basically functioned as only a pass-through to our laundry room since we moved in. With no sofa and no t.v., the room just never seemed to have a purpose. Luckily, we just scored a hand-me-down sofa from one of our friends for 150 bucks that's in great condition. So we are now on our way to making this a rockin' (and functional) room. 

We've decided that the first big purchase for the room will be a rug and after some research we've now got our eye on this one from West Elm. Thoughts?

Iznik Dhurrie, 2'x3', Citron

I love it and so does Brent which is pretty amazing. I think the bold green is a great first step to making this a bright and welcoming room. The best part is that it's currently on sale so hopefully we can snatch it up soon. 

UPDATE: Due to a 2 month back order on this rug, I have now decided on the rug below. It was $100 cheaper (even with the West Elm sale) and it's in stock for us. It's a little less bold in  color than the original choice, but the pattern is the exact look we were going for. I should have it here in about a week! I'll post pictures once we have it in place. I hope you all approve.

Until next time...

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  1. sweet that will look great with the new couch. Looking forward to seeing that room come together in true Robin Kee fashion!