Monday, July 18, 2011

They Said "I Do!"

Our friends, Andy and Ariel said "I Do!" this weekend in Hendersonville, Tn. The wedding was a blast and the bride was beautiful. Here's a few pictures of their special day.

Now, since the wedding has already occurred, I guess it's time for me to post a few of the details from the "Fiesta!" shower we hosted a few weeks back. You can see the original pictures here.

First, here are my take-ways from this shower:
  1. The Dollar Store is da' bomb for party decorations! 
    • Pardon my word choice, but seriously, it's awesome. They have plenty of items that are perfect for helping you create easy decorations (like the tissue paper table skirt) as well as things like glasses. A dollar for a glass, theme-perfect margarita glass? Heck yes!
  2. It's all in the details!
    • Making your own banners, wine charms and table decorations can make the gathering feel personal and completely focused on the bride/groom.
  3. Make memories for the bride and groom!
    • Find away to give the bride and groom something to remember the gathering by. Funny photos and decorations they can take with them after the party are perfect ways to remember the fun. 
Here are some of the items I created for the shower:

Wine Charms:
a variety of cardstock, tape & twine scissors or circle cutter
I used the couples' initials on the wine charms, but used a mix of cardstock colors & font styles to make each one different.

Tissue Paper Table Skirt & Initial Banner:
tissue paper, tape, twine, scissors 
a variety of cardstock, computer printer, tape, twine 
The tissue paper table skirt is nothing but folded over sheets of tissue paper taped to a piece of twine. You simply cut slits into the tissue paper and hang. SO EASY!

The initial banner is basically the same idea as the wine charms...just on a larger scale. I used mix of bright colors and bold patterns to help push the fiesta theme. 

Tissue Pom Poms:
tissue paper, fishing wire, floral wire, cardstock

I created the pom poms using the instructions from Martha Stewart and added in a bit of  fun with some cardstock circles...repeating the look found throughout the decorations.
Here's one of the fun memories we created for the bride and groom: Cheesy photos!

Oh, how fun! So that's a bit more about the "Fiesta!" shower. 

Until next time...

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  1. Really great. And I especially love the last picture !