Monday, July 25, 2011

A Family that Designs Together...

Can I just say that my parents rock? Well, I did and they do. They came in town this past weekend to celebrate my little sister's 21st birthday, but of course while they were here we had a little home progress. 

First, I was surprised by a new bedside table from my parents upon their arrival Friday night. We were definitely in need of a new bedside table since we moved our temporary solution down to our new t.v. room (more on that later), but the most amazing part was that my dad actually BUILT IT! No joke. With absolutely no prior experience, my father created a bedside table for me with his own two hands. 

(He used Ana White's website to get the plans to make the table. If you're interested as well, visit Ana's site,

Knowing that I have very specific opinions about decor, my lovely father chose to leave it perfectly sanded and ready for paint. We're thinking we will paint it blue to bring a pop of color to our very neutral bedroom and we already have a knob picked out and ready to go. Love!

As if that wasn't enough, (Did I mention that it was my sister's birthday...not mine? Crazy parents.) my mother also decided it was necessary to purchase us a new front porch light. Our existing light was a little less than attractive and it was basically impossible to get into it to change the light bulb. So on Sunday, we grabbed a new lamp to freshen up our entry. Now the bugs have a new lovely light to cozy up to in the evenings. Much better, don't you think?

Told you. My parents rock.

Until next time...


  1. Yup - our Momma & Papa are fab! No denying it!
    Totally digging the new porch light, ew la la! And cannot wait to see the painted table with knob soon!

    ;) cute signature. That's new!

  2. The table looks even better in your post. :)

  3. Your so lucky not only are your parents awesome so are your in laws!

  4. Who are the Anonymous folks? You should always sign a name... :)

  5. Your dad doubly rocks because he built that thing in the hot garage while the World Cup Final was going on in the air-conditioned house. The sacrifices we parents make for our children... ;)