Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miss Me?

It's been too long. Sigh. 

After a busy, family-filled 4th of July weekend, a week of extra long work days and household items breaking down, it's been a little challenging to find the time to sit down with the laptop and visit with my blog. But finally, I'm here and luckily I've managed to make some home purchases during my time away.

The hubbs and I have been working on furnishing our extra den area of the house. The hope is that it will become a bright, happy space that will welcome visitors into our home and of course, we also want it to be a good t.v. watching kind of room. (You can see a couple of my inspiration rooms here.)

The room's starting point was the used sofa purchase and this fabulous rug I snagged from o.co

We've also picked up a great storage ottoman to use as our coffee table and a orange lamp for a pop of color, both from Marshall's. Then tonight we grabbed a small bookcase from my favorite, World Market, to use as a side table/t.v. stand. Here's a couple pictures of how it is slowly coming along. 

There is still a ton to do: window treatments, some accent paint, new ceiling fan and accessories, accessories, accessories... but it's definitely a good start. (Especially when you considered where this room began.)

I'll be posting more photos as we continue adding to the room. I hope to knock this one out before too long. 

Until next time...


  1. love that you posted a picture of the "original" room... really gives it perspective on how far it has come. Looking fabulous as usual. That's my typical response for Kee Creative decor - "fabtabulous!"

    When you get closer to completion, give us some photos standing from the entry door... that will help us see it all and visualize.

  2. Hey, I really like that look. Well done to you both.