Monday, December 19, 2011

Memphis Christmas

The hubbs and I spent this past weekend in Memphis for my bro-in-laws graduation, but we  also got to celebrate Christmas early with my family since we'll be in Nashville the actual holiday. I love spending time with my family and this weekend was no different.

I'll be posting pictures from the graduation party later, but here are out Christmas photos. We just exchanged our gifts to the family and we opened their gifts to us...

Here's Maeby's brother, Dexter. He was a nut!
Heather and Kelly got us "Your Baby Can Read"...we'll see. :)
I'm a little excited about this one...
The item I was celebrating about was from Mom & Dad.

Brent got Thor & the Red Hot Chili Peppers CD from Kelsey.
Kelsey is opening our gift to her which is for her new hobby.
How cute does she look? 
Earrings from Kelsey.
Dexter again. 
A gift from mom & dad.  
Mom LOVES  snowmen and these little soap dispensers were perfect for her.
Heather & Kelly got us this ADORABLE hat and gloves for our little one.
He or she will be styling next winter. 
Kelly checking out his pocket fishing pole. 
Heather showing off her new wall art.
MY OWL LAMP!!! I have been dying to get this lamp FOREVER and  it will be perfect for our nursery.
I was super excited.

Dad was there too, but somehow he escaped being in a picture. Sneaky dad.

Until next time...

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