Friday, December 9, 2011

We Ordered a Crib!

We just ordered our baby's crib! I'm super excited. I really didn't want to spend a large amount of money on a crib, but of course we want something super sturdy for a sweet one. I think we found a good, classic option.

DISCLAIMER: Once a crib has been chosen, it's kind of like once the baby's name has been decided...if you have negative opinions, you're not allowed to share them. (At least don't share them with me.) It's not changing so now is the time to "just go with it."

If you have positive comments, however, share away. :)

OK. Now that we have that settled. Here's our crib selection: 

DaVinci Jenny Lind 3 in 1 Convertible Crib in White - Click to enlarge

It's the DaVinci Jenny Lind 3 in 1 Crib. It has 4 mattress levels and converts to a toddler bed when needed. The reviews were great so we're hoping we love it just as much in person as we do online. 

It's really exciting to start purchasing items for the nursery. This is our first big baby purchase and I can't wait to have it finally set up in the nursery.

I also found some bedding that I love, but I'll wait to show you that a bit later. We'll probably be registering for those items rather than snagging them ourselves. (I need to learn to be patient otherwise we won't have anything for people to buy as shower gifts.)

For those of you that have already had little ones, do you remember anything that you just HAD TO HAVE for your nursery? Do share.

Until next time...



  1. Would it be possible to put a steering wheel on one side of it that way uncle kel can come by and push him/her around the house?

  2. kelly, you know that would imply that you will actually come visit us...

  3. Yeah, I heard you bought a house recently. That's awesome!

  4. I don't have my own but I've been watching babies for 2 1/2 years and there are a few things that work well and a few that don't.

    High chair: if you get one that just attaches to your regular chairs, your chairs will become crumby, sticky disasters.

    Strollers: Get one that doesn't weigh 100 lbs. Seriously even one that weighs more than 30lbs is crazy talk. Of all the ones I've worked with, I like the city-mini and the Phil&Ted's the best. The city-mini is super light and folds easily, it doesn't have much underneath storage though. The Phil&Teds stroller is almost bordering on the heavy side but it has tons of underneath storage, has an attachable rain cover (which is necessary--- eventually you will need that), it has a pappoos type carrier for infants so they can lay flat, and it has a place to attach an in-line jump seat for when you have more kids.

    Diaper Genie's are the devil himself.

    Sleep Sack's are awesome.

    Bumbo's are awesome.

    I like the Moby Baby Wrap Sling and the Ergo better than the baby bjorn. I don't think either of those are good for wearing your child on your back though and I know the bjorn is.

    Don't get bottles with more than 4 or 5 pieces. Think about having to hand wash 5 separate pieces 8+ times a day EVERY DAY. And make sure they have no BPA's.

    hmmm... I'm sure I have a thousand "this works better than that" and I'm happy to share them all with you if you have specific questions, but for now this is all I can think of.

    Oh, I do have one more. I've used this sleep-training method called Babywise (you can get the Babywise book on Amazon for like $5) on all three of my kids and I have several friends who swear by it, which is where I heard about it in the first place. It's worth a read for sure. I don't adhere to all of their advice by any means, but it is amazing. It teaches them how to crave sleep and how to be on a really good schedule. By three or four months your baby will be sleeping through the night with three solid naps a day. Even now, my little ones who are one and two are still sleeping like 3 straight hours for their afternoon nap and sleeping 12 hours at night. This is the main thing I've taken away from nannying for when we have kids.

    Sorry I wrote a novel.
    And I love the crib you guys picked! I'm starting to see it come together with that rug you got and I like it!

  5. Ashley, you are awesome.

    Any thoughts on pack-n-plays? I know we'll need one since we'll travel back and forth from memphis, but have no clue what to get.

  6. The Graco Pack n' Play is a popular choice. It seems to work well and packs up into about a small golf-bag sized case. It also comes with (I'm pretty sure they come together) a bassinet that fits into the top for infants (which I've seen moms use in their rooms as the main bassinet for the first month or so when it's easier for baby to sleep next to you so you won't have to wake up and walk down the hall every three hours. They come in different patterns too.

    And I thought of one other MUST HAVE item: A video baby monitor. YOU MUST GET ONE OF THESE!!! I use them every day and it helps calm the nerves immensely when you put them in their room to sleep. You can watch their every move and hear them. Being able to see them and know they are ok is huge!

    Also a P.S. on my above comment: If you get a bumbo-- never leave baby in it unattended on an elevated surface like a counter top or table (I know someone who's child fell off the counter and fractured their skull at 2 months!!! Baby's ok now, but that is terrifying to me!!!) I've always used them to sit baby up on the floor while we read or play so they can see better and get a feel for how to balance themselves.
    Also bumbos have an attachable tray which is great for that "I'm too small to sit in a real high chair, I'm too big to be held while I eat" phase.

  7. First and for most, I really enjoy reading your blog!!!
    Now on to the mommy advice:

    Bumbo with the tray- it makes early baby food eating a much easier success especially if baby isn't real good with sitting up.

    Use a pack-n-play for not only travel but in your room at first (I love multi use items). We got one that has a diaper changing station on it. The bottom piece moved up on it, so it was kind of like a bassinet too. (Baby Trend is the brand I believe) I also got a matress pad cover for the pack-n-play that was pretty thick plus but a thick baby blanket under it, so baby had a soft bed to lay on for those 6 months.

    We used Playtex Vent Aire bottles and never had gas/colic issues. They were dishwasher safe, bpa free & cost so much less than the Dr Brown's bottle.

    Dr Brown's formula mixing pitcher.

    The diaper pail or something similar that uses regular trash bags was great and saved money on the bags part.

    We used a space saver high chair that went in our regular chairs due to our kitchen being a bit small.

    A second infant car seat base for the secondary vehicle is great or get a convertible car seat for that vehicle that can be used for years.

    If you plan to breast feed or pump, get a dual pump system it saves time. We actually ended up renting one like the hospital grade one. That was the awesome especillay not knowing if breat feeding would work for us.

    For my next baby, I want a make your baby food processor or look up the process online & use the blender you already have.

    I also had matress pads that went under or on top of the sheets, so I wouldn't have wash all the sheets as often when baby made messes. Get washable ones too.

    I hope that helps!!!

  8. Thanks, Sarah! Every bit of advice helps. We went to start registering the other day and I've never felt so clueless! Having some mommy feedback is super helpful :)