Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preggers Update: 18 Weeks

We are now 18 weeks into our pregnancy and less than 2 weeks away from knowing if that monster in there is a little boy or a little girl. I've been feeling pretty well over all, although I do seem to be getting some heartburn which is less than pleasant. 

I keep worrying off and on about whether I'm eating enough, gaining enough, etc. because my appetite doesn't seem to be increasing even though the "books" tell me it should be kicking into high gear these days. Now, after checking my new photo next to my 15 weeks photo, I'm wondering if I'm too big already. Geez...could this be a little less confusing?

If I could just have someone follow me around at all times and say "yep, that's normal", I think I'd be good. Message me if you're interested in the position. 

Until next time...



  1. I didn't have a bump at all until 18 weeks - yep, you're good! :) Everyone has total different weight gain at different points in pregnancy so don't listen to those books and just make sure you stay in tune with your body and doctor :)

  2. I think no one will have any problem telling you "YEP, THAT's NORMAL" as far as your pregnancy endeavors go... now to expect them to say "YOU'RE NORMAL" that's another story - we all know you were not normal the day you were born. :) That's why we love you sis! Welcome to the club.

    Great photo, you're looking beautiful as always! Here's to 18 weeks!

  3. I'm only some weeks ahead of you, but I say eat when you're hungry, try to eat balanced foods, and so long as you go to the doctor and they weigh you, don't worry about not gaining enough unless the doctor says. I was worried until about few weeks ago (around 26) that I wasn't gaining enough, but I wasn't about to ask if I needed to gain more. Now, I'm about to catch up to what "they" say. Whatever else is going on, it probably is normal because there are so many different things women feel when we have monsters inside.
    Also, I'm happy to tell you your symptoms are normal anyyime you need!

  4. I think you look just right! However, if you think pregnancy is confusing, wait till you take that sweet baby bumpkin home from the hospital without an owner's manual! By the way, I think I'm changing what I think it is to a girl.