Thursday, May 31, 2012

Front Yard Clean Up

Our yard has been a hot mess since the day we bought the house. Well, the yard was OK, it was more of a flowerbed issue and a bad paint choice issue. Now that we've lived here for over a year, we have made a bit of progress to the exterior of our home.

Here's what our house looked like when we purchased it:

Step One: A while back we replaced the nasty, puke-green paint on the shutters with a bright blue. 

Step Two: Then we painted the front door a very happy aqua blue. (Forgive the Christmas's the only one I could find and I'm too lazy to take a new one. It's enough to give you the idea.)

Step Three: Thanks to my amazing father, all of our low tree limbs were trimmed. It was a big task to take on. Just check out the massive pile of limbs he left behind.  I still can't believe he did all that work. I guess he felt like he needed a project while he was in town after Fisher's arrival. Works for us!

Step Four: After my dad made his yard efforts, Brent got the bug to knock out some yard work as well. He basically gutted our front flowerbeds. The beds were full of weeds and random, unorganized plants. Thanks to Brent, they are now nice and clean and ready for new plants (eventually). The front of the house looks oh, so much better now.

Not a bad looking house, huh? 

Until next time...

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