Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day is Here

This is a little late considering Mother's Day is tomorrow, but I thought it might be nice to check out a collection of creative DIY Mother's Day gifts. You can just put a few of these on your gift idea list for next year so you'll be prepared. 

Mom & Mom-in-Law, please disregard all of these ideas in case I decide to use them on you in the future. Thank you.

OK. Here we go...
  • Here's some DIY garland that celebrates the characteristics and things you love about your momma...

for mother's day
Learn to make this garland here.
  • Check out this ADORABLE, simple gift for mom: The Dish Towel Apron
dish towel apron tutorial
Learn to make this apron here.
  • Why not personalize a dish for mom? What's not to love about that?
Learn how to etch your own glass dishes here.
  • Do you have a mom that sews? How stinking cute would this be for a Mother's Day gift?
Learn to make these Mason Jar Pincushions here
  • One of the most important parts of a gift (in my opinion) is the presentation or the gift package. This DIY bag is perfect. 
diy gifts
Learn how to personalize a canvas bag here
  • Here is a super creative "happy" for any stressed out momma. Love it!
Learn how to make your own Tin Can Treats here
  • Sometimes just getting creative on the presentation can make for a wonderfully personal gift. Here's a sweet gift idea for mom without too much effort. 
Learn to make a custom kitchen towel & paper flowers for mom here
So there you go, kids. Some wonderful gift ideas for mom and some fun DIY craft time for you.

OK, I now need to brag on my sweet hubby for a moment. I received an early "Soon-to-Be-Mother" Mother's Day Gift from my man to help celebrate the upcoming arrival of our baby boy. Check out this beautiful ring he got me. It is Fisher's birthstone and I couldn't be more excited to wear it! 

Yeah, he's awesome. It is such a wonderful way to remember this amazing new adventure we're starting. Every time I look at it, I'll think of the two men in my life. 

Until next time...


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