Monday, August 4, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way: 39 Weeks Update

39 weeks and, man, am I ready for Emmy to arrive. 

At my last visit on Friday, I was still 2cm (a "loose 2"), but I am now about 70% effaced which is at least some progress. I hope that I'll have some continued progress this week and potentially go into labor on my own, but in case that does not happen, we made the tentative plan to strip my membranes at my next appointment (this coming Friday). If that doesn't push me into labor then we'll be inducing on Monday, August 11th. It's so nice to have a "deadline" in sight, but I still really hope we will go into labor on our own prior to Monday. 

Brent and I enjoyed our last official date night this weekend. Fisher even slept over at the grandparent's so we had a kid-free house for the evening. It was so nice to have some time together and enjoy each other before our lives change and become even busier. We are so excited for Emmy to be joining our family, but we know keeping each other and our relationship a priority is very important for our family's health. 

I've been off of work now for a week which has been wonderful. Fisher was out of school last week so we got to spend a ton of time together. He started back to school today (in his new 2 year old room!) and I had an abnormal surge of energy which helped me accomplish a ton of household chores and such while I was home.  I'm hoping this extra energy/nesting is a sign of labor coming around the corner. Fingers crossed!

However, if there's still no baby by Wednesday, I'm treating myself to a mani and pedi while Fisher is in school. It'll be a relaxing distraction since I'm in that constant state of wondering when she'll come. Wondering and waiting...not so much fun. Mani and! Brent and I are also going to go out for a lunch date on Wednesday or Thursday to cash in some of our last alone time together before the baby arrives.

Here are my 39 weeks photos. (As you'll notice, I finally got my hair cut! I had been dying to get it cut and it was one of my to-do's before Emmy's arrival.)

And here's a shot of Fisher because he wanted to "take a picture too".

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