Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way: 38 Weeks Update

Unfortunately, my last appointment showed no progress. (Other than another pound of weight gain.) As of this past Friday, I was still at 2 cm dilated, my cervix is still in the posterior position and Emmy is still up pretty high. Basically it was a "you're doing great, but she's not coming this weekend" kind of check-up.

So I'm now 38 weeks pregnant and my biggest complaints are: killer acid reflux, a complete inability to sleep well at night, tons of Braxton Hicks contractions that are super uncomfortable (but still not what you'd consider painful), Emmy constantly pushing up under my ribs (always on my right side), constant peeing & back pain. 

The best thing about 38 weeks? I'm officially on maternity leave! Woohoo! I'm enjoying the chance to be at home and rest a bit, to get things ready around the house for miss Emmy and to spend time with my boys. 

Here's my 38 weeks appearance:

The plan is to have an ultrasound with my check-up this coming Friday (at 38 weeks 4 days) to check my placenta (since I had issues with Fisher) and to check Emmy's size. After that, we can hopefully set up a game plan. If Emmy doesn't decide to come on her own, we will probably go ahead and set up an induction on or around her due date. 

13 days to go!

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