Friday, July 25, 2014

Simple Gifts: Thank You for the Teachers

Fisher officially had his last day in the Toddler Room at his PDO program. We have next week off and then he will start the Fall semester in the Two Year-Old Room. It's his first transition to a new room and it makes me a little sentimental. He's getting big!

Fisher LOVES his school and his teachers so it's a little sad to think he won't be with them anymore. They adore him too which makes it even harder, but he'll be in the room next door so they can still check in on him. Before moving on to the next class, I wanted to be sure to give his current teachers a little thank you gift. Here's the simple (but cute) gift idea I came up with:

I love these candles I found at Target. They smell amazing and I thought their "Be Grateful" logo on the front was perfect for a thank you gift. I just had to add the perfectly colored blue and green yarn ($0.45 at Target) and the tags which I already had at home. I then added the "thank you" stamp to the tag and wrote our note of appreciation on the back. 

I also added those beautiful floral notebooks (which came in a pack of 3 so I got one too!) as a little extra happy. If these ladies are anything like me, they can always use a notebook for grocery lists, to-dos, etc. And why not use something pretty, right?

I hope they enjoyed the gifts! I know I would have. I might have to head back to Target at some point (as if I'm not there every other day) and grab myself one of those candles. I love the clean smell - cucumbers and sea petals.

Man, I love gift giving! It is definitely my love language. 

Until next time...

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