Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There's Another Baby on the Way: 36 Weeks Update

We're one month out! (27 days to be exact.)

I'm now having weekly appointments with cervix checks. I had my last check up this past Friday and was dilated to 1 cm (at 35 1/2 weeks). Seeing as I didn't have any dilation with Fisher until right before our induction, I was very excited to hear that my body was starting to prep for birth on its own. It makes me hopeful that I might actually go into labor on my own this time around. We'll see if I continue to progress in the weeks to come.

Emmy's heartbeat was nice and strong so we're still trucking along. I didn't gain any additional weight this past week so I'm at a weight gain of 24 pounds overall. (My previous appointment, the week prior, I had gained 3 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks and Emmy was estimated to weight 5lbs 6oz.)

I am definitely uncomfortable, more so than I remember with Fisher, and I'm ready to be finished with pregnancy. I've had a lot more discomforts, complaints and issues with this second pregnancy and I had another strange "spell" this past week that was awful and completely confusing. While at work, I started feeling a little dizzy and started sweating like crazy. I figured I was having a blood sugar issue so I ran to the back and grab myself a snack and some water. Normally, that would help resolve my feeling of weakness/dizziness, but in this case it did nothing. I continued to feel terrible and then started having a tingly numbness in my lips that then moved into my tongue. (Yeah, weird. I know.)

After about 2 hours, lots of calls to my mom, a chat with my doctor's office,  a blood pressure check at Kroger (it was completely normal) and lunch, I was back to feeling like myself. We really have no clue what triggered it, but some guesses are that maybe the baby positioned herself on my vena cava or maybe it was the start of some sort of migraine reaction. All we know is it was weird and if it happens again I need to let my doctor know ASAP.

Since then, things have been fine overall. Just some tummy trouble here and there, lots of pressure, back aches, acid reflux...the norm. 

Here's what I'm looking like at 36 weeks:

I can't believe Emmy will be joining us in about a month! I now have her crib completely ready and I finally ordered the Ergo baby carrier with the infant insert to use when she arrives. I didn't use a carrier much with Fisher, but hopefully Emmy will like it because this momma is going to need her hands available for the wild toddler. 

That's it for now. I'll be visiting the doc again on Friday and I'll give another update following that appointment. I'll also be posting photos of the kid's room. It's basically finished! Woohoo!

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  1. Just look at that cute baby belly! Can't wait to see her!