Friday, July 18, 2014

The Kids' Room: Ready for Emmy!

It's basically ready! Other than hanging some maternity photos, adding a hook above the laundry basket for the diaper bag, finalizing the bookcase displays and updating the crib railing cover to the matching crib skirt fabric, the kids' room is all set! I really couldn't be happier with the result. I think it is a perfect fit for my little guy and his sweet baby sister. I even cleaned out the closet which makes me feel even more prepared to fit two kiddos in this adorable room. 

Here's a look at the space. (Keep in mind the orange looking color used throughout is actually a bit more coral-toned...not so crazy orange. For some reason it hasn't been photographing very well.)

After repainting the room pale grey, we decided it remained way too bright at nap time with our existing white curtains so we swapped them for a dark grey version from World Market. Not only did it help with the light issue, it also really helped anchor that side of the room. 

This bookcase amazes me every time I look at it for two reasons. 1.) It was custom built by my dad who only took up woodworking fairly recently and 2.) it is hiding an extra, useless exterior door! Who would ever know there was a door back there?! I just love it and it is wonderful for extra storage in this room. As far as the display goes, I have some of the items placed where I want them, but other shelves still need some love. I'll get it styled sooner or later.  

This horse is from Brent's childhood so I adore having it in the kids' room. Definitely a sentimental item, but Fisher enjoys playing on it from time to time as well. 

I also have some sentimental love for this sign. The "Bushel and a Peck" song is one I remember from my dad growing up. It makes me think of him which I love. (I also absolutely love the photo of Fisher and his bestie, Hannah, on this shelf. It's at a height that Fisher can see it and it's one of my all time favorite photos.)

The crib skirt was created with a twin sheet set I found at Target. It has grey, pink and orange mixed in the pattern which goes perfectly with the room while adding a touch of femininity to the crib. I'll be replacing the crib rail cover (great for protecting the wood when teething starts) with the same material. 
I am OBSESSED with this hot air balloon mobile! I knew I wanted to use the hot air balloons as part of Emmy's decor and my mom spotted this steal (less than $20!) on Amazon so I snatched it up. I was so excited to finally have it hanging above her crib. 
That little rattle is the first baby girl "toy" I've picked out for Emmy. It was just too sweet & girly to skip over. And that precious bear was given to Emmy by our dear friend Katie and her baby boy, Jack. He has a matching one (and they might even end up with the same birthday!)

Again, this dresser is in no way that bright in actuality. I love the color combination of the coral and blue. It's playful, but not overwhelming to the space. 
We added the pegboard as a way to display the kids' artwork, add some extra storage and the layered mirrors help reflect some of the natural light from the window across the room. It was a super easy project and I really love the final result. 

Along with adding the pegboard, I knew I wanted to add a shelf above the changing table to give me another surface to display photos and such. It ended up working perfectly for housing our video monitor which now gives us a view of the entire room rather than just the crib. (I just realized that everything on the shelf, and the shelf itself, is from Target. All of it.)

Well there it is! I hope you love it as much as I do. I can't wait to bring Emmy home to this sweet, shared space. 

(24 days to go.)

Until next time...


  1. This is adorable Robin. Not sure how you pulled off decorating a room for 2 kids of different sexes but you did it and it's adorable. Now can't wait for Emmy to "come out and get in her crib!"

  2. LOVE it, sis! It looks great! :) Now I just can't wait to see it and EMMY in person!!