Monday, August 8, 2011

My Weekend: There's Always Something to Paint

Our bookcase went blue this weekend!

I've been dying to paint the back wall of our built-in and we finally knocked it out. It's the first thing you see when you walk into our house (via the back door) and I really wanted it to bring your eye past that giant t.v. and welcome you into the room. We decided on a dark blue which was pulled out of our old Pottery Barn accent pillow in the room and it worked perfectly. It's the perfect balance of a bold color without being overwhelming or too dark. 

After painting, I rearranged all the items on the shelves and changed up some of the existing elements. Although I would like purchase some new items to display, I used what I had in new ways to make it work for now. Here are a couple simple ways I changed the look of my bookcase:
  • I took book covers off the hardback books to display the monochromatic binding and grouped the like colors together.
  • I wrapped the softback books in butcher paper to neutralize all the different patterns and to build a common thread throughout the shelves.
  • A few of the books I even wrapped together with a piece of twine I had sitting around the house.

We also painted the bedside table my dad built me, but that's waiting on a nice coat of poly so I'll wait and post it once it's fully ready. 

Did you do any house projects this weekend?

Until next time...



  2. Sweet, really got it looking great. Keep up the good work, and give Brent a rest now and again. :-)

  3. Fabulous style as always! Great idea about the books and butcher paper and twine. They look great. Is this a new tv down there? Or did you move the one in the living room??? If it's a new flat screen it sounds like you allowed UFrank to spend too much time with your hubs when he passed through this summer.... He is a BAD influence in the electronic market of life. I speak from experience ;)

  4.'s a new T.V. Brent had to get something out of my work bonus :)