Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOW wednesday: For the Love of Pets

My husband emailed me this article a couple days ago and I just had to share. It's all about having pet built-ins in your home. I'm just going to share the pictures, but if you want the details you can check out the article here

All I can say is "Wow, they love their pets!"

custom built-in dog bed sleeping area under roof eaves

custom built-in dog bed area with doors under staircase

custom dog bed nook with vintage grate door

custom laundry room with built-in dog bed area and grooming sink

custom hutch with cat silhouette door cut out for hidden litter box

custom built-in dog crates and raised feeding station in kitchen

custom island with inset dog bowls and dog bone shaped drawer pull cut outs

I love my furbabies dearly, but how far would I go to make them comfortable in my home? Would you take your pets into consideration while building your house or making renovations? 

Until next time...


  1. The idea of pet built-ins reminded me of a house I went to many years ago when on a service call for the cable company. The family room was a half basement, meaning the first 4 feet were underground, and the top 4 feet above ground. The above ground section had windows that were wide open to the backyard.

    The owners place wire dog kennels up next to the open windows so their pets could come and go as they pleased. Unfortunately, the dogs discovered they could deficate in the kennel and it would just fall through to the floor below. There was literally several inches of poo under the kennels.

    I guess they may have been the original inventors of pet built ins. Just wanted to share.

  2. eww. that is amazingly gross. were these people also hoarders? i can only imagine they were.

  3. They were hoarders. I can tell you more, but won't. I just left the house and went home to take a shower.