Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pillows, Pillows, Curtains & Pillows

Thanks to the always wonderful "birthday money", Brent and I were able to make some major progress in our master bedroom. There's a ton more to be done, but it has been fun to get it started. The hubbs and I have shopped for everything together so far which always makes things a little more entertaining.

We did most of our damage at West Elm (our favorite store) where we grabbed three pillows, two window panels and three plates (not for the bedroom). Then we finished up at Target where we snagged new sheets and two more pillows. Yes, more pillows.

So here's what we don't like about the original master bedroom design:
  1. Too many empty walls
  2. Too neutral 
  3. Too matchy-matchy
  4. Not cheery/fun enough
  5. Too dark

Now, here's what we are wanting to achieve in the master makeover:
  1. Lots more color combos
  2. More fun patterns
  3. Lots of wall art
  4. Brighter
  5. Casual, cozy & welcoming
Step 1: Kick up the Color. It all started with the West Elm ruffled-circle quilt that the hubbs and I picked out a while back in the "poppy" red color. Then we painted our new side table "Hallowed Hush" blue. Our goal this weekend was to continue our new color theme throughout the room and to bring in a bit of pattern.

To see what we started with, click here.

Here are some pictures of our efforts so far:

It already feels much more playful than where we started. We're digging it. How about you?

Until next time...

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