Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy Bees Want a Break

Sorry for the lack of updating. There are plenty of things to show you, but time (especially blogging time) has been limited since the hubbs and I have basically spent the entire weekend and every night this week at the house. We're obviously there to make some progress on the many house projects, but I'm pretty sure we also go because Brent is convinced that if we don't at least make a quick visit someone will be there breaking in. (I think homeownership has made us paranoid. You should have seen me when there was a tornado warning. C-R-A-Z-Y.)

Anyway, we've been homeowners for exactly one week now. We started our first weekend with what I like to call "Power Painting". It basically means "let's paint everything in sight" which has continued on throughout the week and onto the new weekend. I would post pictures, but I forgot the camera at the house (we aren't moving in until next weekend) so those will have to wait until tomorrow. (I currently have what I call "mush-house-brain" which causes forgetfulness and mass confusion. It's been a rough week.) What I will give you is a quick breakdown of what has been accomplished over the first week.

Weekend 1:
  • Living/Dining Room Walls - 2 coats of paint (finished minus touch-ups)
  • Living/Dining Room Trim - 1 coat of paint
  • Bathroom Walls & Trim - finished minus touch-ups
  • Bathroom Vanity- finished minus touch-ups
  • Hallway Walls - finished minus touch-ups
  • Hallway Trim - 2 coats of paint
  • Master Bedroom Paneled Walls - primed
+ Boxes moved 

During Week 1:
  • Hallway Trim - 1 coat + touch-ups = FINISHED
  • Bathroom - touch-ups FINISHED
  • Bathroom - new roman shade and shower curtain hung
  • Master Bedroom Trim - primed & painted 2 coats = FINISHED
  • Doors - 5 doors primed both sides, 1 coat on 1 side
  • Living/Dining Room Walls & Trim - all touch-ups & repairs finished
  • Living/Dining Room Closet - painted
+ Boxes moved & 3 emptied at the house (yay!)

Start of Weekend 2: (When Mom & Dad arrived)
  • Guest Room Walls -first layer of wallpaper removed, second (adhesive) layer started
  • Living/Dining Room - windows primed

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what we've been up to all this time. Basically we are painting every vertical surface in the house. Fun, right? Tomorrow will begin again bright and early with the parents help. I'll do my best to remember to bring the camera back to the apartment so I can finally post some pictures. It is amazing what some paint can do for a room. I think you'll be impressed.

Want to join us? I'll find you a paint brush.

Until next time...


  1. Call me when something needs to be demo'd

  2. You would probably be done if McGruban had a servant's heart, don't you agree?