Monday, March 14, 2011

Do Bookcases Scare You Too?

Bookcases terrify me. Is that weird? 

Our new home has a large built in bookcase that sits directly across from our back door (which is also our main entrance.) Although the room is still filled with unopened boxes, I couldn't stand the idea of having everyone walk in and stare at empty shelves. I mean, even when the boxes are gone, we'll still have to distract from the fact that we have basically no furniture in the room. 

Before our small group arrives tomorrow night, (holy crap, tomorrow night?) I decided to tackle those scary shelves. I know they probably won't stay the same and I'll more than likely start hating them by this weekend, but at least the bookcase is no longer empty. I scrimped and scrapped for items to throw up on the shelves. Any thoughts?

Hey. Stop looking at those boxes.
Not too terrible, right?

Well, those are our shelves for now. It has at least a little bit of personality. There's even a gas can on the bottom left that my father-in-law Doug found in one of our storage sheds. How fun it that?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by organizing displays on your bookcases or shelves? What do your shelves say about you? (I think mine says...hmm...well, maybe I don't want to know.)

Until next time...


  1. :) perfect. But I know you'll change them more than once... probably once a month if I had to guess. Love that you found a place for your R & B from the wedding.

  2. Looks great ! Love the R and B !

  3. Love the look, but really shocked that a pic of Robin's Mom & Dad isn't the centerpiece.