Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wonders of Paint

With the help of many wonderful friends and family, we have been able to paint an absurd amount over the past nine days. Although we love this new home, the paint choices of the previous owner were a little out there. I just don't think a pink hallway fits everyone. 

My husband/editor has told me that I must (as if I wouldn't) post before and after pictures of all the finished rooms. I'll be doing that room by room so I can share more of the details, but for now here are some in progress photos for your viewing pleasure. 

Note: For best effect please view the original photos by clicking here

The paint cans we started with. We ended up with tons more.

Living Room paint going grey.

Living/Dining Room

Working on the Living Room trim.

Our very happy helper, Dwayne.

Living Room - Looking pretty good, huh?

Th happy Homeowners.
(This is still early in the day. Not sure how long the smiles lasted.)

Check out that sweet dining room.
I have no excuse.

Taping out is the worst, but it's super helpful in the long run.

The newly painted grey hallway.
I just love that our step stool matched the old hallway paint.

The green tiled toned down a bit with the Wood Smoke paint.
It looks much nicer with our new shower curtain. 

New floating shelves above our toilet. Thanks, Doug!

Mom and Dad our amazing.
They tackled our dreaded wallpapered guest room.

Go, Momma, Go!

Doesn't that look like fun?
I vote no.

After the wallpaper had been fully demolished. 

The AWESOME new guest room color.

Another look at the guest room walls.

Strangely enough, the doors have taken the longest to complete.
Such a pain.

Getting started on the master bedroom.
That paneling had to go.

Paneling be gone.

Looking much better.

I love how much brighter this room became with the
white trim and painted paneling.

Super Mom

The start of painting in the "den".
Lauren, another wonderful helper.

The bookcase needed to brighten up a bit.

The bookcase looks SO much better with a coat
(or many coats) of white paint.

We opted for a two-toned look in our den.
It is looking fabulous.

So there's the start. I can't wait to show you all more. We'll be moving in next Saturday so we'll finally have some furniture in our newly painted rooms. How exciting. 

Until next time...


  1. Love all the colors you all picked out. It is truly a transformation.

  2. LOVE YOU and know if you're involved with color choices and design it's going to look fabulous!!! Cannot wait to see more!

  3. Shan - Mrs. McGoo's coworkerMarch 7, 2011 at 11:41 AM

    Looking good!

    What color (name - type paint) is the color inside the bookshelf, not the white but the other?

  4. That paint is Behr - Gobi Desert. We really like it!

  5. It doesn't even look like the same place anymore! Ridiculous what a little (or a LOT) of paint can do. Excited to see more photos. :)

  6. It looks marvelous. Does that worry you coming from me?

  7. My what big windows you have...

  8. Oh and are you going to leave your laundry room/bathroom that wonderful green color? :)

  9. Looking Good!! Your grey living room is the same exact color as mine!! Yay for grey!