Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Surrounded By Pregnant People

I have apparently missed the memo that now is the time to have babies. We are surrounded by people growing things in their bellies. They're all spawning and it's a little strange. Of course, I am happy for them all since I'm assuming they each wanted their bellies to start expanding and although it isn't quite our time to jump on this bandwagon, I am enjoying the opportunity to expand my crafting skills. 

This past Saturday I helped host a co-ed baby shower for these two adorable ladies (and their husbands.) 

Emily Miller & Julianne Feenstra
The "Pea in a Pod" themed gathering was held at our friend Ashley's house. (Check out her and her hubbie's blog here.) She provided all the yummy snacks and I worked on the shower decorations. It was my first attempt at baby shower decor, but I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot more of it so let's see what you think...

My first diaper wreath. It only seemed right since I've been on
such a wreath making kick these days.
I also made these "Wish Trees" for each of the ladies
along with the cute little note tags. Such a sweet way to bless the mommas.

I had a few of these cute green pots with flowers around the house.
They were in the Dollar Spot at Target so the mommas each
got to take one home with them.

One of two homemade banners.

The "Congrats" banner with a view of the yummy snacks.

Ashley placed the invitation in a frame on the buffet table...a
very sweet touch.
Ashley put together these fruit sticks which I just had to have
at this shower once I spotted them on Grey Grey Designs.

Along with the party decorations, I also made part of the baby shower gifts for each couple. These are "Door Hanger Baby Announcements." It can be used to hang on the hospital door, the nursery door or just in the nursery as a adorable picture frame. There's space to fill out all the important details of the special day. I really dig it and hopefully they did too. 

There's my first attempt. I would have loved to do more decorations, but since we were in the middle of painting everything in sight and moving, I had to keep it under control. It was a great shower with some really wonderful people. Love it!

Until next time...